Saturday, August 8, 2015

Five Years Ago This Month : Beefcakes

Here are some of the beefcake wrestlers who were featured in this blog back in August 2010.
Brandon T (now wrestling for TNA as Bram)

Petey Williams

Brett Barnes (aka Brett Idol)

Mike Bennett

Brian Cage

Derrick Driver

Derek Sanders

David Flex

Ted DiBiase Jr., Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes

Chris Dickenson

Davey Richards


  1. fuck yeah chris dickinson

  2. Derek Sanders was always hot, but I never seen him in anything but pink trunks, so awesome pic. So manly. Orton's posse was always hot. I miss Ted. He was always the hottest to me. Davey never takes a bad photo. Sweaty and mouth half open. Oh the possibilities. Too many hot guys in this post

  3. Brandon T, what have you done to yourself!

  4. How lucky are we wrestling fans? Look at all these fantastic bodies we get to see every week, either live, on TV or via the internet. We also have wonderful sites like this who bring these pics to us. Many thanks.