Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer Slam Dunk

I haven't been watching WWE's televised shows nor am I caught up with any of its current feuds/storylines/new wrestlers, but I recently read on a news feed that former Daily Show host Jon Stewart will be hosting this year's WWE Summer Slam Pay-Per-View event (apparently, he's a big WWE fanboy). The news feed I read also mentioned that he won't be the only celebrity making an appearance in this highly-anticipated spectacle; actor Stephen Amell will also be there, not as a commentator or viewer, but as a competitor! Yes, the man who plays DC comic book hero Green Arrow in the CW series of the same name will step in the ring and battle Stardust aka Cody Rhodes. Turns out he's been showing up in WWE shows and, for one reason or another, started feuding with Stardust/Rhodes (can anyone enlighten us as to why). Who will win? Here's a fearless prediction by WWE columnist Graham Matthews. So who's watching Summer Slam this Sunday? I'm curious to watch it just for Jon Stewart's commentary and Stephen Amell's match.
Stephen Amell

I'd prefer to see Amell wrestle Cody Rhodes looking like this.


  1. Yeah, the only way I wouldn-t mind Cody's Stardust gear would be if Amell wore Cody's old gear. Man, wouldn't that be hot?

    1. Amell would be so hot in Cody Rhodes short wrestling trunks

  2. I'm with Jedda. If Amell has trained seriously, it might be very interesting. Two hotties!

  3. Amell looked pretty good for being a non-wrestler! Amazing how his body dwarfs in comparison to the pros, but of course their job is to be in the best physical shape AND be athletic.

    Here are some hot pics I found. Apparently Amell got beat down a bit early on. Having trouble finding pics/gifs of that, though wish I could.

    And some bruises, that's weirdly hot cuz Amell has a hot back:

    Hope you can find and post more pics!