Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nese Today, Nese Five Years Ago

Here's "The Premiere Athlete" Anthony Nese in a recent match against John Morrison...

Now here's Nese in a recent match against Andrew Everett.

And here are images of Nese which I posted on this blog back in August 2010. Back then, I didn't even know who he was until someone identified him as Maverick (the name he still uses when he appears in Cameron Matthews' matches)/Tony Nese.

That's Robe Eckos bearhugging Nese from behind.


  1. the beard very much suits him

    cant wait to see tony nese vs chris dickinson this month

    beautiful body nese vs beautiful cock dickinson

    1. I agree mr. bod vs mr. cock

  2. Nese has maintain his body we can see how in five years he made gradual progress now much mature and hotter.Thanks on this.

  3. The short hair was a major improvement.

  4. Hotter now--not that he was ever NOT hot though!