Thursday, August 10, 2017

Body Shots : In The Ring

Ross Von Erich

Matt Riddle

Charlie Garrett aka Charlie Sterling

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan

Adam "Flex" Maxtead

Stan Styles

Sylvain Grenier

Chris Dickinson

Brian Cage

Sexy Kev


  1. You certainly have chosen some magnificent bodies to display today.
    Ross Von Erich looks spectacular but he needs to improve his wrestling skills. I'd love to see him gain the level of success his father and uncles had.
    Jason Jordan and Brian Cage both have bodies to drool over.
    Of course Sylvain Grenier always tops the list. Unbelievably handsome with a perfectly proportioned body, he is perhaps the best looking athlete in pro-wrestling.

  2. Charlie Garrett looks like he is ready to take it to his opponent. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Would love to see this match on You Tube.

  3. i want a ride on chris dickinsons big cock