Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Heeere's Johnny!

Longtime contributor and a good friend of this blog, David, has a new batch of photos for us. While attending a recent NXT show, David snapped pics of Johnny Gargano aka Mr. Wrestling. "I've seen Gargano for a number of years as an indie wrestler," writes David. "He took some time off due to an injury, but he's come back with a leaner, more toned body. Quite impressive!" Here, Gargano faces a huge, hairy behemoth "who seems determined to put him back on the injured reserve list." This is a match David calls "Beauty vs. The Beast." Thanks for these awesome pics, David!


  1. I hope he gets pushed to Raw or Smackdown soon, although I like him on NXT at the moment. Such a talented athlete!

  2. My memory takles me back to a time when I was obsessed with Gargano's persona--his build; his bum; his pecs & abs, his etc., so Bruno's post sent me back to the "archives" to see what turned me on so much. For the life of me I can't find any of the clips and pix which so commanded my attention. Have I changed? Has he changed all that much? Or is it just I don't know where to look for the old thrills? I am glad that he is back and will resume the search for more old stuff as well as enjoy the current man. tt