Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Rope Burns (Part 2)

I hope you liked last week's post titled Rope Burns; it featured a collection of images I found on the net of wrestling action that involves the ring ropes. Here's another batch of those.
Sexy Peter White

Mexx (left)

Darin Dinero and Clayton Gainz

Tom La Ruffa (top)

Tristan Archer vs Senza Volta

Ivan Gromov

Justin Sysum (in white)


  1. THANKS to Bruno for the past umpteen BeefCakes because they get better and better, always pointing to people worth seeing as well as a variety of nudges in various directions worthy of further exploration and "research." tt

  2. Mmm, Mexx - I hope that arm punishment is part of a match on youtube.
    And I wonder how Justin Sysum got stuck in that sticky situation...
    Great job, Bruno

  3. Love Tom La Ruffa's dominant look.

  4. The one putting the punishment on Mexx's arm is Juvenile X. As far as I'm aware, there's only one match of theirs on YouTube, which you can watch here.

    They've faced off quite a few times. I actually paid to download one of their other matches and it's pretty great. Mexx starts out dominant but the ref is on Juvenile X's side and consistently refuses to call the pin. Then Juvenile X gains the upper hand and even lifts Mexx up and spins him around, helicopter-style. It's pretty hot. Mexx fights back, but there's a lot of rigging and ultimately the juvenile gets the dirty W over daddy Mexx! You can find that one on Vimeo for a fee.