Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Action Men : Elliot Sexton and Chris Andrews

Here are some action pics featuring two international Beefcakes of Wrestling. First up is Australian Elliot Sexton who has recently moved to Orlando, Florida. Hmmm, there's no official announcement yet, but this move could mean he's been signed to WWE development franchise NXT. With his height, muscular build, and powerful moves, Sexton is a natural for WWE. These photos prove it.

Okay, it's not an action pic, but it is a good picture.

Here's British wrestler Chris "The Shark" Andrews in a match against big Dave Mastiff. Aside from wrestling, Andrews is a fitness model and busy daddy to a little girl. This daddy isn't afraid to rumble.

Andrews is set to appear in Hawks Fitness
UK's soon to launch TV channel.

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