Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blast From The Past : Tommy Angel Squashed

Young musclestud Tommy Angel is no match for everyone's favorite bear/heel Arn Anderson in this bout from the 1980s. Watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.
Tommy Angel


  1. That first pic is really awesome

  2. The very last picture--> Totally HOT!! Arn, his arm raised in victory as he stands just inches from the man he Punished. How Beautiful can a picture such as this be?

  3. Loved Arn! Guess he was a "bear" -- but not too much of one. Love shot # 6. Arn looked his best when he lost a little weight and appeared less "cherubic."

    Remember Jim Ross saying Arn "brutally punished" his opponents and was "100% man." Recall Arn really going after one opponent, yelling at him, "I rule the roost around here!" -- with his package, head, and sac protruding...

    Anybody got anything on Jim Brunzell? Remember seeing him hard, 'sans jock' ('boys,' sac and head clearly outlined) grinding against his opponents' rear: camera stayed on it for a long time, then panned away. Next week he was wearing tight trunks and, obviously, a jock!

    Also, anything on Nick Bockwinkel (always reminded me of a handsome German commandant), Paul Orndorff (beautiful tush, with 'boys' frequently visible), Greg Gagne (remember he did a bridge, with his basket very prominent and announcer Lee Marshall exclaimed, "oh, beautiful!") Steve Olsonoski ("Steve O"), and behemoth Doug Furnas? Also, mustachioed Doug Francis of the NFL (briefly with the AWA), Mean Mike Enos, and big Tommy Jammer -- also of the AWA?

    And remember when, shortly before its demise, the AWA was "wired for sound" and you could practically cum just listening to the guys grunt, moan, and groan? Please share, everybody!

    And did anybody else think some of the commentators (i.e., Lee Marshall, Jim Cornett) really "enjoyed" their jobs (and jobbers...): a lot! Please share!