Monday, May 9, 2011

Jim "Shoots" Josh Lowry & Darriel Kelly (Part 1)

Regular contributor Jim from Chicago emailed me a set of pictures he took of a hot tag team in action. Jim writes: "Back in Louisville July 2008 I got some shots of a handsome tag team known as Josh Lowry (blonde) and Darriel Kelly who wrestled for Derby City Wrestling.  In this match they take on Lightfoot Lennox and some other fellow whom I do not know.  Anyway the match was interrupted by Turcan Celik* who at the time had a feud going on with Josh.  The locker room was cleared in order to break up the two and the match ended with Josh and Darriel as the victors due to the interference." Thanks as usual for the awesome shots, Jim! (*You'll see Turcan in Part 2 of this post.)


  1. Jim always gets some great shots!

  2. Josh Lowry is one of my fave hot wrestlers. there are some matches of his on youtube when he wrestled for OVW and he nearly always gets clobbered