Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blast From The Past : Tommy Rogers

If you were a fan of pro wrestling beefcake back in the 1980s, then you must have heard of Tommy Rogers. Born Thomas Couch in 1961, Tommy Rogers made his pro debut in 1980 even though he still hadn't had any formal training. He met his longtime tag team partner Bobby Fulton not long after and the two came to be known as The Fantastics. Good-looking, fit, and sexy as hell, Tommy really is Fantastic!

The Fantastics : Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers

Watch Tommy in action here


  1. The most handsome compact little wrestler of the 80s. Even non-gay wrestling boards speak well of him, saying he would have been huge had he been about a foot or more taller. He was a shorty.

    What's interesting is that when the Fantastics were so popular, it was Bobby Fulton who Chippendales in New York offered the contract to, a fact posted on the "Obsessed with Wrestling" website.

  2. BTW, the better YouTubes of Tommy were when he was in Portland and before his "Fantastics" gig, when he actually fought hard and got battered hard, and.......lost!
    Another good one is "matt borne vs. tommy roDgers" you can find.

  3. I loved Tommy Rogers since I saw him as part of the Fantastics. Real sexy guy. Loved the bowtie and vest the team wore. He looks great in the second picture.