Saturday, June 30, 2012

How Strong Are You?

Also in Ring Of Honor's Best In The World 2012 : Hostage Crisis event held in New York last week was an elimination match between three competitors - Roderick Strong, Tomasso Ciampa (sporting  weird blonde facial hair), and Jay Lethal. Scroll down to see who won.
Roderick Strong

Is this it? Nope, not quite.

Here it is...the winning pin. Roderick Strong was victorious and held on to the ROh TV Title. Yay!


  1. Thanks for these pics. I really like Roderick Strong. He doesn't get nearly enough love.

  2. I'm so glad to see Tommaso wearing those tiny trunks again!

  3. I forgot to credit the photographer - Scott Finkelstein.

  4. 15th pic down.....To have one's head caught between Tommaso's Thighs? One can Dream, Can't one?

  5. Always been a fan of Rod Strong, he did lose alot of weight, but am I seeing a bit more bulk to him here? I hope so!
    Cheers for pics