Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Very Nese Day

Here's indie wrestler Tony Nese in a match from late 2011/early 2012. Looking at these pics, I can't tell if Nese was the heel or hero in this bout. What do you think? (Watch Nese in Pro Wrestling Syndicate's 5th Anniversary show held on June 4 here.)


  1. Mr. Nese is awesome as always. Based on the pics, I'd say he's the heel and the hero (to me, at least). Anyone with those abs is a hero in my books. Now, he's probably not a face. I don't think faces normally hold their opponents by the hair, taunt them, and stuff paper in their mouths after beating them senseless. They should, because that's a hot scene, but they probably don't.

  2. hey guys, check this out, hope you enjoy Bruno X Much Love X (look at the bottom of post too :)) Cheers.

  3. With Nese's face, I don't know how he could ever be the heel...!