Sunday, June 10, 2012

Easy Ryder

Here's a slice of WWE beefcake who's been very interesting and entertaining to watch recently -- Zack Ryder. He's got charisma, talent, and good looks all in one tightly-toned package. These match pics are from a RAW show held last month wherein The Miz defeated the crowd favorite.


  1. When Zac Ryder and Curt Hawkins stopped being Edgeheads, I impulsively went for Hawkins, because he kept the trunks, while Ryder stayed in tights. What the hell was I thinking? Not only is he drool worthy in his current gear, but during one of Kane's backstage attacks, I noticed him in a pair of jeans that hugged him like a second skin, and I was in orbit! The lesson learned: never say never.

  2. Altho I was not a big fan of The Miz, in this series of shots, him Punishing and Working over Ryder, has given me a new outlook on him. The Blonde, Toned Hottie suffering The Miz's Punishments, ie: pic's 4-5 and 7, indicate his Enjoyment in Hurting Ryder. Each shot, his face straining as he inflicted the Punishment. The last shot showing his victim, spent and Finished !!