Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mike vs. Mike

At Ring Of Honor's Best In The World: Hostage Crisis show held in New York on June 24, two Mikes faced each other in an impromptu bout - Mike Bennett and Mike Mondo. Even though Mondo won this round, you can expect to see these two in a "real" match very soon. My only complaint about this bout? Both of the wrestlers have too much clothing on! Boo! (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)
Let's talk trash.

Mike gets cocky.


That's it...take it off! (Drat. He didn't.)

That'll teach you to mess with a man in pink! 

Uh-oh...sneaky pin.

Who's the winner? THIS guy!

Next time, I'll just wrestle without a shirt on.

Pre-match make out.

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  1. Ooft!..
    Hot photos here!
    (If anyone knows UK wrestler Nathan Cruz... Mike Mondo looks like an older, muscular version of the lad. Never noticed it before)