Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Incredible Cage

Remember those fantastic pics of Brian Cage that were featured here last week? I thought nothing could top those shots until I saw this set of photos. They're from an indie show held in Turlock on May 12. Cage, wearing his Border Patrol ring gear, is looking awesome these days; just look at his size, definition and vascularity! There are more pics of Cage from this match that I'll post soon. If I include them here, this blog might implode from too much "Cage Heat." Thanks again to reader Steve for the link to these images.

This image...I have no words.

Your winner...Brian Cage!


  1. Hot body...but ugly, ugly tights!

  2. Great body and so good looking. I want to wrestle him.

  3. Gorgeous. GREAT images! They honestly look like stills from a movie (particularly the first few).

  4. He f'n takes my breath away! He can wear a paper bag and still look great!