Thursday, September 11, 2014

Body Shots : Strike A Pose

Aside from knowing how to actually wrestle, one other skill wrestlers have to master is how to pose for publicity shots. A wrestler has to know which facial expressions and body poses will "sell" his image. He also has to think about styling (hair and wardrobe). And just before his photo shoot, he has to work out to get his muscles pumped. Which of these wrestlers knows how to do his job really well?
Eddie Rage

Joel Redman aka Oliver Grey

Anthony Nese

Luke Hawx

JD Maverick

Clay Moore

Chasyn Rance

Cam Zagani

Ariya Daivari

Adrian Severe

John Morrison

Tristan Archer

Mark Angelosetti

Noam Dar


  1. Easier to pick out the worst: Chasyn Rance.
    Cam Zagami is a good professional pic, but it makes him look too much like Speedy Alka Seltzer. I assume that is what he's going for, but anyway.