Sunday, September 7, 2014

Monday Muscle : Chris Bryant

New to pro wrestling ( he made his debut in the ring a few months ago) is bodybuilder Chris Bryant. I couldn't find any stats for Bryant (age, weight, height), but i do know that this clean-cut "babyface" is form Laguna Hills, California.

Here are some screen caps from his first wrestling match (it's his first match, cut him some slack) which you can watch here.

Here are a couple more matches to check out: Chris vs Abu The Terrible and Chris vs Eddie Matson.


  1. Well ... I'm not reaching for a jar of Vaseline over this guy.

    His look is too manicured. He's trying too hard. He almost looks anorexic. His ring attire is too conservative for his slim body type. A beefier guy might wear the same tights and look sexier.

    I would appreciate him more if he just relaxed, added some beef, and revealed more thigh in the ring.

  2. I looked for his stats. I couldn't find any.

    But there's an amazing number of athletes with the name. One is a BBer with a stutter, another is an American FBer. He the only guy I could find stats on: 6'8", 210#. Before I realized it isn't our guy, I thought: Whoa!

    He's stating out well, with a bit more wins than losses.

  3. Been following him for a while. He is actually attending a Christian seminary and doing volunteer work with kids, the latter, I assume, incorporating his wrestling.
    Just wish he'd shorten the trunks and get kneepads.

  4. According to some blog posts from 2010, he's 6'2" and 235-45#. He attends Fuller Theological Seminary. The only entry in his Book Likes is the Bible.

  5. A new match dated September 5 against Monster King:

  6. He needs to get back to something more like his BB condition. He looks good now, better then.

  7. I'm the exact opposite. I cant get enough of this guy. He pushes all my buttons. Ahhh-mazing!

    1. We all have different buttons. Three cheers for diversity !

  8. He spent 5 months wrestling in Mexico City (trained with Ultimo Guerrero )this year and now trains with Manny Fernandez ( WWE Superstar "Raging Bull" ) in Fresno,CA.