Thursday, September 18, 2014

Flashback Friday : Randy Orton and John Cena

What happens when some people see two attractive, well-built men get physical with each other time and time again? Well, they start getting ideas about what might be brewing between these two men. Such was the case with John Cena and Randy Orton, two of WWE's biggest Superstars. A few years ago, they had a very heated feud which stimulated the imaginations of many fans. You've probably seen the images and gifs featuring Cena and Orton in suggestive positions. Some fans even went so far as to create memes, artwork, and fan fic of these two. I'd like to think Cena and Orton knew what they were doing and and decided to have fun by deliberately teasing the audience with their actions. What do you think?

When they do this...

...this is what some people think of. 

Cena pulls down Orton's pants after a friendly basketball game.

Fan-made artwork. 


  1. We all know who wears the pants in that relationship :)

  2. I suspect that they have all the time been having a good laugh at everyone else's expense; keeping us all guessing.

  3. I love how Orton looks at Cena. It gets me hard everytime!