Friday, September 5, 2014

Selfie Showdown : Cedric Rougeau vs Alexander Hammerstone

Who's better at taking selfies? Canadian wrestler Cedric Rougeau...

...or American independent wrestler Alexander Hammerstone?


  1. Both are the same ... Young muscle without character. Smooth skin and pumped up muscles have become cliche. Tatoos are now commonplace, uninspiring, and boring.

    It's become a competitive world. It's no longer the 70s when I would melt at a photo of any shirtless man without a belly bulge.

    1. Me again ... revising my first comment. Upon reflection, I'll give the nod to Rougeau. He really does seem somewhat a cut above the fray. There does appear to be a sensual intensity to him. He might be dangerous. That - is character!

      My thoughts about the second guy remain unchanged.

      My original comment was a bit too hastey. Once sent, a note can't be edited :(

  2. Both men look outstanding, but, as photos, Rougeau's are definitely the better ones.

  3. Cedric's hands down, better body and expression too. That's the main problem with Hammerstone's, his hands are over his face.
    Anyone find a decent video of Cedric wrestling so we can determine whether he HAS any character?