Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Sex In SexRock

Australian tag team SexRock is made up of two very different heels. First, there's Jonah Rock, a thick, beefy, bearded strongman in a singlet (think Michael Elgin, but with an Australian accent). Then there's the "star" of the team, Elliot Sexton, a tall, muscular, 25 year old from Adelaide. I call Sexton the star because he's the one with the flashy gimmick (stripping before a match, butt-wiggling, flexing) and more colorful in-ring persona; you could say he puts the "sex" in SexRock. To see what I mean, watch SexRock's 2012 match against another Australian tag team, The Armstrongs (two fit, clean-cut boys who look like they could be on RockHard Wrestling) by clicking here. The screen caps below are from said match. To see my first post on Sexton from 2011, click on the label with his name at the bottom of this post.

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Are Sexton and Rock comparing sizes?

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