Wednesday, November 19, 2014

British Beefcake

Today, it's all about some awesome British beefcake. First up, this guy...
That tattoo looks awfully familiar, but for some reason, I don't recognise him (maybe the beard is throwing me off). Anyway, here he is in a match against Joel Redman.

And speaking of Joel Redman...
Now here are Nathan Cruz and Sam Wilder (match photos by Tony Knox).

And lastly, here's Joel Redman again, this time squaring off against Tyler Hawke.

Any one lucky enough to have seen this match?


  1. Yes, it is here:

    and the wrestler is Dirty Dick Riley (used to be Nick Riley), his match with Redman is here:
    There are also matches online with him and Andrews.

  2. Is it Nick Riley?

  3. The guy is Dick Riley

  4. Nathan Cruz is not in blue. That's Sam Wilder. Nathan is in the gold, black and white.