Monday, November 17, 2014

Seeing Spots

My good friend David (another longtime contributor to this blog) emailed me a new set of photos he took when he attended a NXT event in Florida recently. David's subject in these pics is newbie Hugo Knox (formerly Stuart Tomlinson, former professional soccer player and fitness model). David thinks that Knox, who has been training with NXT for a while, is going to be their next big thing. Thanks for bringing Knox to my attention, David. Now what do you think of Knox's polka dotted ring gear?

Knox's red ring gear.  

David says that NXT makes the new recruits work the shows
in yellow shirts (security, taking tickets, et. al.). 


  1. Could do without the dotted kneepads. Overkill.

  2. I look at his pics as a model they are good

  3. His tattoos are a disfiguring distraction. What a shame to scar such an otherwise beautiful body.

  4. What a hot wrestler, thanks! Should be nice to have more fights from him here...

  5. Security! Security! I need security here!

    I hope that we don't have someone who comments about tatts every time one appears. Complaining about them won't erase them!

  6. First, it's a free speech country and an open blog, friend.

    Second, I don't comment on tattoos "every time one appears" - only, as in this case, when I feel the comment adds to the discussion at hand.

    Third, I do get your underlying point. I'm the outcast in a world where ink-scarred skin is adored. I'll try not to rain on everyone's parade going forward ...