Sunday, November 9, 2014

Monday Muscle : Chris Andrews

British beefcake Chris "The Shark" Andrews now sports a beard. Hmmm, what 's with the whole "beards" thing taking place in pro wrestling these days? Is this something Daniel Bryan started? What do you think of the beard trend?

Andrews' opponent in this match is Tyler Hawke.


  1. The beards can be sexy if they're trimmed, like Andrews'. But the Gizzly Adams look -- Daniel Bryan, Matt Cross -- is gross. Matt Cross used to be a hot number, but not any more. At least not for me. But the trimmed beard on Andrews gives him a more mature look that is very hot.

  2. I agree The Beard must be very well trimmed.It reflects a ver well clean man mature secure intimidation.

  3. Agree.
    Here is his match last month, bearded, against Joel Redman:

  4. After posting the Andrews vs Redman match, I just came across the Andrews vs Hawke match in these photos, and the video has the entire card on it:

  5. Andrews is one of those fortunate guys that just look good regardless of his style.

    As it happens, I don't think that his facial hair is particularly shaped and groomed (see image #2), but it really doesn't matter.

    I'm pretty tolerant of just about anything in beard/mustache except the Duck Dynasty look.

    Maybe they started Movember early.

    In case you don't know, November is men's health awareness month and one of the manifestations to spark discussion is that men are discouraged from shaving for the month. The mustache is a minimum, thus M(ustache) (N)ovember, though many go for it all.

  6. He looked a lot better clean-shaven! Stellar body, though.