Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stick 'Em Up!

Got a blank wall that needs a little something-something? How about a wall sticker of your favourite TNA Impact wrestler? These and other stickers can be scored at A mini-sticker goes for $12.99 while a larger (life-size?) sells for a hefty $49.99. If you could, whose wall sticker would you get?
Jessie Godderz

Magnus (Nick Aldis)

Bram (Brandon T)

Robbie E (Rob Eckos)

Gunner (Phil Shatter)

Austin Aries

Rockstar Spud

Bobby Roode


  1. I will go with 1 2 and most of all 3 magnus looks very juicy beefy.

  2. The first three plus Gunner.

    It'd be great if other promotions offered these for their wrestlers. As far as I know, maybe they do. With my budget I don't spend much time in online shops.

  3. Gunner's (Shatter's, Chad's, etc.) thighs always amaze me. They look the size of some other wrestlers' waists.