Monday, November 3, 2014

Vic Capri vs Jason Hades

My good friend Jim from Chicago was lucky enough to attend this Oct. 10 match held at The Abbey Pub featuring one of my favourite wrestlers, 41 year old Vic Capri going up against Jason Hades (he retired from wrestling, but came back just for this event). Jim photographed the action from the balcony and instead of breaking this post up into several instalments, I'm going to upload all 21 pictures that he emailed me.  Jim says the match was "a solid 20 minutes of great wrestling action. Vic was a bit creative when he yanked on Jason's codpiece (see picture #16) and demonstrated how hot the match is by cooling off (see picture #19). The match was won by Vic with a mean power bomb followed by a sitting pin." Thanks for these awesome shots, Jim! I can't wait to see what you'll photograph next.

Vic yanks on Jason's codpiece.

Is Vic cooling off here?


  1. Two favorites of mine, too. Great photos, Jim. They make me wish I had been there. Thanks for sharing them, Bruno.

  2. That Vic sure is a boner-inducing specimen

  3. Both Jason and Vic give me erections because they're both major hunks. Too bad I missed the show also. Look at how sexy the match is.