Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chained Melody

Here's indie wrestler Brady Pierce going up against a bigger, older opponent in a dog-collar chain match held by the Wrestle Force promotion last April. Who else is a fan of this type of match? (Photos by Harrison South Worth)


  1. I dislike all the gimmicks: strap matches, lumberjack matches, cage matches, table matches, etc., etc. Pro wrestling is fun to watch without all that stuff.

  2. I think matches like these too greatly exceeds the limits of credibility. Stick with the traditional give-and-take and/or squash matches. However, I will gladly watch Brady Pierce in any type of match!

    1. Agree on all counts. Even the 20+ minute matches with multiple "finishers," despite the physical virtuosity they display, strain credulity. If they were real, they would be carting off a couple of hundred dead wrestlers every weekend.

  3. As checkin his photos he has improve his body and wtestling especialy the work on that Chest Woooooof.....