Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Five Years Ago This Month (Part 2)

Who were some of the beefcake wrestlers featured in this blog in May 2010? These guys, that's who. Several of them are still active in the pro wrestling scene (Dickenson, Richards, Curtis, Jindrak, Perkins, Black) while the others seem to have retired or moved on to other careers.
Johnny Curtis (aka WWE's Fandango)

Mark Jindrak (aka Marco Corleone in Mexico)

Tyler Black (aka WWE's Seth Rollins)

Davey Richards

Chris Dickenson 


Jon Cutler

TJ Perkins

Truitt Fields


  1. Well they Still look HOT.Dickinson with hair he got muuch beefy.Jindrax more sensual today,

  2. As much as I love Fandango I wish he would wear trunks like those pictured above. Briefs like that give a better picture of a guy's whole body. Same applies to Seth Rollins.
    Would dearly love to see Mark Jindrak (Marco Corleone as he is known in Mexico) back in WWE or even TNA. I loved his last gimmick as "The Reflection of Perfection".