Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wild Thing

I'm not sure when Canadian-born UK-based wrestler Paul Synott (formerly known as Paul Ryker) switched from black trunks to this Tarzan look, but I'm not sure it suits him (although you can still see the black trunks underneath the leopard print "apron"). I don't immediately think of "wild man" when I see him, so I'm confused as to why he went this route. Oh who am I kidding? He looks good no matter what he's wearing.

Synott's other ring gear is a snake-print speedo.


  1. As I commented in a Paul Ryker post a while back, he has various characters: Paul Ryker, Paul Synnot, Commando, and, in the London School of Lucha Libre promotion, which has a lot of tongue-in-cheek storylines/characters, he has used the name Xbalanque the Jaguar King, hence the jungle attire:


  2. The snake print is better than the Tarzan look.Hope he improves on outfits.Great body

  3. Can I just say how much I HATE it when a hot wrestler covers up his package with any sort of nonsense - whether it's a gladiator skirt, fringe or the stupid Tarzan/Caveman flap of leather.

  4. is there a video of him somewhere wearing the snake print trunks ???