Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beefcake Material?

So what exactly is a beefcake? One online definition simply states that a beefcake is "an attractive man with well-developed muscles." Another one simply says "a muscly man." These three wrestlers are not as big or as massively muscular as most of the other wrestlers featured on this blog, but does that mean they can't be called beefcakes? What do you think? First up, American indie wrestler Ryan McQueen.

Next, Australian wrestler "Showtime" Jake Nova.

And last but not least, the French wrestler with one hand, Tom Sanders.



  1. I think all qualify. The pics don't do McQueen justice, though, they leave out his well-developed thighs.

  2. Absolutely all these guys are beefcakes. I think the main criteria should be that they look good. Decent muscles are required, but most don't want the overblown bodybuilder look. More pics like these, please!!!