Monday, June 8, 2015

Muscle Monday : Sam Shaw

Thanks to a reader of this blog for bringing my attention to these pics of TNA wrestler Sam Shaw who joined a physique competition about a month ago.  Sam says he didn't even place in the Top Five, but he's nevertheless proud of his achievement.

Here are photos of Sam Shaw in TNA.


  1. Grear for him! Only two criticisms: hate his non-gear gear, which covers up too much; and those sleeve tatoos. Aargh! They are so dark it look as if he just stuck his arms into dye.

    1. Oops! Meant to write: "Great for him!"

  2. Is he still on the TNA Roster? I always liked Sam. I thought he had great potential but was never used properly. There were so many good possibilities when he was "rescued" from the "asylum" but were never fulfilled. Even now he would make a great member of the "Revolution" or even the BDC.

  3. Forgot to mention - I agree with Anonymous. His gear was atrocious. Great bodies should be seen.

  4. Someone kindly put together a playlist of Shaw matches going back at least 8 years, with him in black trunks and less ink. Not quite as ripped, but still looking good: