Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Five Years Ago This Month (Part 1)

Who was rocking Beefcakes of Wrestling's world in June 2010? Here are some of the wrestlers who were featured in this blog five years ago this month. First up, one of my personal favorites, Mark Jindrak (now wrestling in Mexico as Marco Corleone).

Here's another one of my favorites - Alex Riley.

Also featured here five years ago was independent wrestle David Flex.

Another indie wrestler featured here was Eric "The Underwear Model" Priest.

And last, but never least, is yet another indie wrestler - Truitt Fields.

To see more of these wrestlers (including the original posts these images were from), click on their names in the Labels section at the bottom of this post.


  1. All these dudes are hot as hell. Always have been a fan of Mark Jindraak especially due to his hard ripped bod. It's that if a god.

  2. Mark Jindrak was a personal fav. of mine. He had the look, the body and the moves. I really liked his last gimmick in WWE as "Reflection of Perfection".
    So glad to see another fav. -Alex Riley back in the ring in NXT. Hope his current surgery goes well and he's back in action soon.