Monday, June 15, 2015

Muscle Monday : Thunder (Updated)

Is this wrestler named Thunder who has been on the roster of Mexico's Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) really the Australian wrestler Big Huss aka Mad Turk Hussein? I seem to have read somewhere before that Hussein and Thunder are one and the same, but a comment made by a reader has me questioning that information. This Wikipedia article doesn't seem to offer any solid evidence other than the fact that Thunder is from Australia. I'm inclined to agree with the reader who made the comment; there's a mole on Thunder's right pec (right above the nipple) that I don't see in pics of Big Huss. What do you think? Watch Thunder in action in this six-man tag team match (also featuring Marco Corleone aka Mark Jindrak) from October 2014.

With Marco Corleone (aka Mark Jindrak)
Thunder used to wear white in the ring (probably before he turned heel). Which of his two looks do you prefer?

Here's a pic of Big Huss who has also wrestled under the names King Huss and Mad Turk Hussein. You can also click on his name in the Labels section below this post to see older posts and photos of him.


  1. Wish he would go for the brief trunks in black.
    I am skeptical that they are the same man. Thunder has a brown spot/mark directly above his right nipple. I don't see that mark on any of the Big Huss pics.
    Wouldn't it be nice to think that there are two of them out there?

    1. Hope I haven't caused a crisis. I remember someone somewhere saying that they are the same man, too, but they were basing that on the fine physique and Australian origin.
      I noticed the mark then, and I think I compared some pics and concluded that they had different eye colors, too.

    2. I can't back up the eye-color thing, but I did check, which gives different heights, weights, places of birth.
      Thunder, real name: unknown; 265 lb., 6’5”; born: New South Wales; birthdate 7 Oct 1981.

      Big Huss, real name: Huseyin Gul; 240 lb., 6’2”; born: Victoria;

      I also found Thunder's FB page (Thunder CMLL), and he does not seem to have any Turkish friends or "Gul" family members friended. I also see no Australian wrestlers, suggesting he didn't start wrestling until after going to Mexico.

  2. The briefer, the better!

  3. Having been a fan of Thunder in CMLL, I was wondering why he'd been absent for some time least 6 months.
    Sadly, there is an answer as to why. Luke Fordward, the man behind the mask, passed away on June 30, 2016 due to stomach cancer (at least that's what I've been able to find). He had wrestled his last match around January of this year, but this particular cancer was quite aggressive.
    He had wrestled in the AWF as part of a tag team called the Croc Masters, his ring name being "Taipan". Here is a video from 10 years ago that was used to promote the tag team: