Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pre-Match Style

What's your favorite type of pre-match gear? Which of these looks do you like most? Tell us in the Comments section below.
Tyler Tirva's vest

Tyler Hawke

Eli Vega

Roderick Strong's customised t-shirt

Eddie Ryan's cape

David Starr wants you to look at it.

Calvin Raines

Joey Janella's satin jacket

Bram (formerly Brandon T)

Nathan Cruz

Bad Bones

Doug Williams' vest with cape

Jeff Boom's...what is that? A folded-up t-shirt?


  1. I like the vest. The sleeveless t-shirt is also good, but Bram needs to take it off and not wrestle in it.

  2. Always got off on those old-school robes Ric Flair and others would wear. Give me a gaudy floor-length robe with lots of sequins and bling... woof!

  3. Joey's jacket is the best. Capes look so lame.

  4. Jeff boom.Funny. But everybody looks more the Body .Yuuumy.

  5. eli, roderick, david, bram...a tee shirt and some underwear looking!!!!!!

  6. Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with him, or maybe it's because I follow instructions, but yes, David Starr, I am looking at it.

    1. I agree Jedda! That man has a large ... focal point haha

  7. I like the vest but the best gear is still simply trunks and baby oil or sweat