Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Beefcakes In Action

Mexx (right)
David Luster (with the mohawk)
Vic Capri (left)
Tristan Archer (foreground)
Chris Dickinson
Chris Rush (far left)


Marcius Pitt


  1. so so so jealous of that women wrestler getting to handle chris dickinson by the junk, i wouldnt let go of his junk and massage those bull balls until he is hard, then strip him of his trunks and tease his cock with my tongue and when dickinson can take no more and submits to me, i would sit on him and ride his huge hard cock to victory

  2. Hot description Anon1! Everytime I hear how crazy people get over Big Dickinson, I grow a little crazy for him too, much to my surprise.

    Am seriously just as miffed that Vic Capri is starting to wear full on tights. Those midnight black pants don't get any darker and hide one half of what makes him sexy. I hope he's not coming onto these blogs and doing the opposite of what we're crazy over

  3. someone saw chris dickinson's dick really?