Monday, December 21, 2015

Muscle Monday : Rob Terry

Here's Welsh Warrior Rob Terry posing, flexing, working out, wrestling, and you know...doing the kind of things big, musclebound wrestlers do.

With Jessie Godderz


  1. Yum, this man is a real life superhero. He sells being on the losing end well too -- always so much agony in his face despite being the obvious winner if it were a real life fight

  2. Rob always looked so great. It's a shame no-one gave him more help with his wrestling skills. He always seemed a bit slow and awkward in the ring. With better training I think he could have been a really top notch wrestler.

  3. To me, part of the beauty was how slow and awkward a big muscle mass such as himself was. Wish people enjoyed the bruteness of his style more