Thursday, December 10, 2015

Five Years Ago This Month : Beefcakes

Here are some of the beefcake wrestlers who were featured in this blog way back in December 2010. Some are still wrestling, others have "retired" from the squared circle. Which ones are you a fan of?
Rob Eckos (now known as Robbie E)

Josh Daniels

Sexy Peter White

Dustin Starr

Byron Saxton

Jon Cutler

Petey Williams


Truitt Fields (with Steve Walters)

JD Maverick

Jayson Quick


  1. Xtremo, Josh Daniels, and Sexy Perer White

  2. Robbie E and Dustin Starr still have great careers in the ring. Dustin is a huge star in Memphis. Byron has such a great body, I'm sorry he's covered it up with a commentator's suit. I was a big fan of Jon Cutler from Day 1 so I'm sorry he retired from wrestling.

  3. John Cutler is one sexy DILF