Friday, December 18, 2015

Now That's Something!

Hello, Jake Something. These awesome photos of Mr. Something were taken by Jim (formerly from Chicago) a good friend of this blog who has been a regular contributor since 2010. Jim took these pics back in October when he attended a W.A.R. Wrestling event in Lima, Ohio.  Jake and his partners Hakim Zane and Idris Abraham faced TNA's Abyss, Zakk Spadez, and Heather Owens in a six-man tag team match. Unfortunately, Jake's team lost. I've never featured Jake Something on my blog before (update: although I did have one post on his previous persona Jacob Hollows in 2013) ; after doing a little research, I'm going to post more pics of him very soon. Thanks for bringing Jake to my attention, Jim, and thanks again for sharing these great shots with us.


  1. Not sure why you say you haven't featured him, since your "labels" read :Jake Something aka Jacob Hollows," and he appeared here a few years ago. He and "brother" Donnie Hollows havw a tagteam call the Painkillers.

  2. You're right I did feature Jacob Hollows in one post two years ago. To be honest, I really don't remember him. Here's a link to that post (with photos also from Jim) :

  3. Haha Bruno, you are a wrestling alpha. So many hot guys you can't even keep track of them :P

    This guy is way hotter than Mick you just posted imo. Perfect muscled body, thick chest, strong core, super handsome face that would look great without a beard, but with a beard enhances it so much, and finally that upper leg tatt on the side, that makes you want to slide your hand up it. Unfff

  4. What do I want for Christmas?


  5. Are they really the same person? The bodies looks similar despite being a few years apart, but see how his left forearm doesn't have a tattoo in the 3rd pic? He appears to have a tattoo shaped almost like a bluetooth symbol "B" though I suppose maybe it's not the right angle, picture is flipped, etc. ... though actually now comparing the second to last pic in this post and the second to last pic in the last post, they do in fact have very similar faces

    1. Definitely the same person. I saw one of Something's YouTube videos and the tattoo is clearly visible. His hair was also like it was when he was wrestling as Hollows. It's him.

  6. That is a chest to shoot a load on....