Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Beefcakes In Action

Robbie E (Rob Eckos) vs Anthony Henry

Marcius Pitt (right)

Slim J vs Fred Yehi

Adrian Severe (bottom)

Eddie Edwards (right)

Andreuw Tang

Rionne Fujiwara (Rionne McAvoy)

Ethan Carter III (Mike Hutter)

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  1. I'm fairly sure that the guy in black trunks with the gold flames on the tush is Milad Akbar.

  2. Who's the hottie being brained by Ethan Carter?!

  3. I can do without the long pants and tights. The rest of the guys have the right look, and are hot and sexy

  4. Love the "Adrian Severe (bottom)" caption ;)

    Wait, is that really him? I guess he must have hair again.

    Is the last guy Danger Paul who we were introduced to recently? I'm guessing not cuz there's no letters on his trunks like in the previous pics ...

    Anthony Henry and Slim J look hot

    1. It's an older photo of Severe, hence the hair. The guy in the last pic looks like British wrestler Bubblegum, but I'm not 100% certain.

    2. Interesting the sole of the boot matches Bubblegum's in previous pics you posted of him to a tee, but his trunks usually have "Bubblegum" in 3 lines on his right ass cheek and can't quite make out what's written on this pic