Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Meet The Riegel Twins

Making their first appearance here on Beefcakes of Wrestling, please welcome Logan and Sterling Riegel. Logan and Sterling are identical twins who joined the ranks of pro in February 2015. The Kansas City-based tag team have a combined weight of 355 pounds and each one stands 5 ft. 10. in. tall.  Here's an article on them which came out in The Xtreme Wrestling Center's online publication. You can watch them in action here (wearing matching white satin-y trunks and matching boots) and here (wearing tight blue shorts). There'll be more Riegel Twins coming to Beefcakes of Wrestling soon so watch out for them.

Throwback photo


  1. Re: Riegel Twins. Photos marred by clumsy photoshopping" Can't really tell much about them from the staged or posed pix--nor whether the blue shorts are really "satiny." Nevertheless, they show promise for future efforts.

  2. Like them better with short hair.
    There are two matches online in which they fight each other, too:

    1. Yas! In almost all cases, I prefer short hair.

    2. Short hair works for wrestlers' characters in all sorts of ways, i.e., the clean-cut All-American look, or the snotty fratboy persona.
      To me the long hair is inevitably sweaty- and greasy-looking.

  3. Unclean thoughts....unclean thoughts...unclean thoughts....

  4. Hair length isn't definitive for me. I like wrestlers both ways, or the same one alternating. Perhaps is my age. I grew up in the 1960s when lots of hot guys let their freak flag fly. I myself wore mine long, the longer the better.

    That first Image is amazing!

  5. I watched those matches this afternoon. Two problems: the camera is static and they need to use many more punishing holds.

    In both, a lot of action took place outside the ring on the side away from the camera. Couldn't see a thing.

    The kicks and high-flying are well done. But there weren't any, say, leg scissors, figure-fours, etc. Toward the end of the second match they were finally mixing in more interesting moves. It looked like it would be the best part of both matches. But then there were two idiots who were outside interference. It went downhill quickly. At least they should have resumed their competition even after they had each others' backs. One twin is more heelish, he should have resumed the attack against his brother. That would have been far more exciting.

    They are full of promise, but their scripts and choreography need more variety.