Thursday, January 21, 2016

I See London, I See France...

...and I also see Germany. Let's take a look at three of the "beefcakiest" wrestlers from Europe. First, here' France's Tristan Archer.

Now here's England's Sexy Kev.

Last but not least, here's Germany's Adrian Severe.


  1. Those are definitely some of the top hot wrestlers. I want to fuck Tristan's sexy French ass so hard. Sexy Kev is hot especially when he's selling his pain. I need to pay more attention to Severe, but it's crazy how close he looks to Mexx when he has hair. Both have similar body types and are extremely hot. 10x hotness on this post

  2. All three of these perfect specimens are examples of what wrestlers should look like. These are handsome men!

  3. Ugh, not a fan of bald Severe. At all. With hair though, yes. Absolutely. So hot.

  4. adrian severe...been a fan for a long the black trunks!!!

  5. I need a European vacation now...

  6. Yeah everyone is hot. I wonder if Severe chooses to be shaved or if aging is forcing him to have a different hairstyle (so to speak). I agree he is so hot with hair. I want him and Mexx to make twin porn lol

    Sexy Kev is hot ... I stand by what I said earlier ... but he strikes me as a bit weird. Nothing wrong with weird, but his style and stripper gimmick is a bit off for me somehow. Very sinewy body too.

    And I can never get enough of Tristan XD