Monday, January 11, 2016

Muscle Monday : Darin Dinero

Thanks to a very good friend of this blog, Jim (formerly known as Jim from Chicago) for these amazing photos he took of Darin Dinero last December. Jim says that Dinero faced American Luchacore champion Ron Mathis in a Rockstar Pro Wrestling show held on December 18, 2015 in Dayton, Ohio. "The referee stopped the match after Mathis delivered a TKO and Dinero was unable to continue," adds Jim. Thanks again, Jim! Can't wait to see what you'll share with us next time.


  1. The guy is impressive in so many ways. Coincidentally, I just found a November match which has him in a tag team, the "Can Am Males." Haven't watched it yet, so please no spoilers:

  2. Nice young lookin fella with 80s long grabbable hair. Reminds me of Brad Maddox a bit. The description of this match that Dinero got TKOed and couldn't continue sounds hot! Love the hammer and spear X right where his package is XD

  3. See, Darin is one of those wrestlers I discovered several years ago on YouTube and expected a steady stream of videos to be forthcoming. But hardly any came. Every so often I go to check and if I'm lucky, a match or two is uploaded once every 6 months. This happens to me with a lot of wrestlers and it drives me nuts. In some cases the wrestler retires (the lamented Leon Shah, Clay Moore - both featured on this blog - and others). I live in the hope that some of Shah's career matches will somehow appear on YouTube one day, LOL.

    1. So true. I do find quite a few, though by scouring other promotions in the region, because they often appear in regular shows under the organization name, but the video description doesn't necessarily mention them. Moore, e.g., used to appear on Saturday Morning's Main Event:

      (two matches in one show!)

  4. He's the total package!

    Now THIS is a wrestler!