Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Meet Anthony Henry

New Year, new face. Making his first appearance on Beefcakes of Wrestling, here's Anthony Henry. According to his Pro Wrestling Wikia page, Henry "(born 1984) is an American mixed martial artist professional wrestler currently working for Alternative Pro Wrestling, Deep Southern Championship Wrestling, and Wrestleforce.

Here are photos of Henry in a match against TNA Impact's Robbie E (formerly known as Rob Eckos) which took place last month in Australia.


  1. According to Cagematch, a Henry won the match with Robbie E. There is a YouTube video.

    Speaking of which, in order to see a wrestler's wins, I check the Cagematch profile for those he has a 100% win record and then look for those matches on video. Compared to most for whom I do this, a higher number of those matches made it to YouTube,

    This is an unfortunate comparison with those for Sean Kustom. The one match I'd most like to see, a tag match with him and Moretti vs. Diamond & Slater, all of whom are hot, don't appear.