Saturday, April 30, 2016

Baby Face

It's been a while since I featured independent American wrestler JJ Garrett. Garrett is one of the smallest wrestlers to be featured on Beefcakes of Wrestling and if you think he doesn't deserve to be here, well, the good news is he's bulked up a bit since my last post on him. The only thing that hasn't changed is that baby face of his. Watch him in action against a much bigger opponent, Kody Rice aka The Husky Hearthrob in this match.

Older photo of JJ

JJ now.


  1. Nice to see J J Garrett. Thanks, Bruno. Always like new leads. Maybe a tad too cutey pie, but he will make grist for some heel's mill. TT

  2. Not only does he absolutely deserve to be here - he should be a head-liner!

    There is nothing "small" about that man ... He is butch, sexy, and hot! Yes, and cute too.

  3. If you cut out that first smirky-jerky pic, the rest of the shots don't look so cutesy and show him off better. Anon.