Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meet The Down Boyz

Yesterday, I introduced a new face here on Beefcakes of Wrestling, Mint Mike Mitchell, and that made me think "well, why not make this whole week about new faces?" So here are two more new faces : cousins Steve and Tony aka The Down Boyz tag team. On their website, the "boyz" are described  as "two of the craziest hell-raising adrenaline junkies (who are) just out to have some fun and entertain their fans better than anyone else. (They) united in late 2011 and within a few months captured tag team gold." Steve and Tony are both six feet tall with Steve weighing 200 pounds and Tony weighing 205 pounds. Watch them in action in this March match here. You can also check out their YouTube Channel here.
Steve is on the left, Tony is on the right.

Tony gets all "Jersey."


  1. Again ...

    The guys are definitely very sexy. No doubt about it. Extra kudos for having clean skin.

    For me, alot that sexiness is wasted when they appear wrestling in full pants. Wrestling in shorts that hide the midsection doesn't help either.

    When a wrestler has nice legs, thighs and butt - what is wrong with some skimpy briefs to show it off ?

    1. ManFan1, I entirely and absolutely agree with each of your points. Bruno is to be thanked for his efforts. TT

  2. Disagree. To each his own, but if I want to watch porn, I'll watch porn. If I want to watch wrestling, I want the wrestlers to look like wrestlers.
    I love square-cut trunks, and I particularly like the aesthetic of the ones with a contrasting stipe at waist and legs.
    Fortunately the boyz gave up the long tights a year or so ago, and the white warm-ups they only wear to the ring, and do a stripper reveal, as you will see if you watch the matches Bruno has put up. The guitar thing, they have, mercifully, dropped.
    And I LOVE pro wrestling outside, I am not certain why. Anon.

  3. I agree with you - "to each his own".

    For me ( and many of this blog's readers, I suspect ) ...

    Wrestling IS porn. There is nothing more sexually satisfying, than the ecstasy of domination and the agony of defeat, of sexy men in their prime. The skimpy ringware and bare bodies aid the pornographic fantasy of touching and sexually stroking grown men.

    Watching wrestlers in conservative attire, is like giving a massage to a man who is fully clothed.

  4. We agree to disagree. Fortunately there is enough variety out there to please all of us in all our moods. I think wrestling can be treated or interpreted as porn, as can anything else, from "great art" to a simple ad for bananas. That fantasy is in the eyes/mind of the beholder, however, as evidenced by the diverse audiences that appreciate pro wrestling and the wrestlers. Anon.

  5. I can respect that wrestling is porn to some and not to others. However, when the majority of comments are about let's say "conservative attire is a turn-off" it can come off as attacking those who don't feel the same way.

    For me, wrestling is porn too, but I like variety. I love the second photo with the boys in their black, lime-green rimmed trunks. It's guys like John Cena who wear jean shorts that make me protest and claw at my computer

    1. Eli,

      I don't speak for anyone but me.

      When I say something is a turn-off, it is not being offered as an absolute fact. That is why I usually preface these comments with, "for me".

      I certainly celebrate the diversity of tastes.

      Further, I try not to offend the readers. Example, I absolutely hate tattoos. I used to comment about this strongly. Now, I only mildly mention my approval on the rare occasion when a wrestler has clean skin.

      I think Anon's second note (We agree to disagree ...), is right on point.

    2. Please, I was not offended, and I didn't mean to offend. I think it is interesting to disagree and explain why.
      Thanks to both of you for sticking up for all of our rights to disagree, and do it civilly.
      To get down to it, we each have different standards for what is a turn on. I happen to like the clean-cut athlete look more than the porn-star look. Anon.

    3. I would give money to see EliJav claw at his computer. TT