Monday, April 25, 2016

Muscle Monday : Brian Cage

I like what one of this blog's readers said about one of my many posts on Brian Cage in this weekly feature: "Muscle Monday belongs to Brian Cage!" And with that, I give you Mr. GSMI once again. Cage has been featured in seven of Thunder Arena's Ring Wars series. Nice way to rack up some extra cash and make your fans happy, am I right? In their latest offering, Ring Wars 22, Cage faces not just one opponent, but two (Travis and Joey King). You can read the details of this match here.

But wait! There's more! Here's Cage in Ring Wars 21.

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement for Thunder's Arena.)


  1. Took me awhile to figure out red is Travis as he got my attention. In doing so, I found out yellow guy Joey King is a pretty hot beefy stud himself. I almost creamed my pants because I thought he was Jeff Boom at first

    1. Nice catch, the guy in yellow is Jeff Boom!

    2. Oh my goodness, thank YOU for confirming. I did a double take when I first saw this post, went to look closer for more face pics on the actual website, and then determined it wasn't him thus almost missing him. Jeff Boom has really gotten bigger!

    3. I would have missed him too, at least in these pics. Jeff seems to be spending a lot of time on the West Coast lately as opposed to his listed home in Florida. He has been making a splash in the last few WCPW episodes (nos. 97, 98, & 99). Anon.
      Here is 97:

  2. I have been very hesitant to buy Ring Wars 21. The Thunders Arena description seems inconclusive. Can anyone tell me what REALLY happens in that match? Is it back-and-forth action the entire match or is one opponent more dominant than the other? How does it end?