Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Body Shots : The Belt

Ricky Starks

Sean Kustom

Sinister X

The Down Boyz

Justin Gabriel

Mike Dell

Zaid Khan 

Ethan Carter III (aka EC3)

Nick Stanley


  1. Zaid Khan is still active on Twitter but I don't think he's wrestled in quite some time (despite him including the occupation of "wrestler" in his Twitter profile description).

    And we all know Stanley is no longer wrestling.


    1. Yes, he seems to have concentrated on fitness and modelling. His tag-team partner, Johnny Gill also seems to have disappeared. Anon.

    2. Yeah, first Johnny Gill disappeared and Zaid became a singles wrestler but shortly after that he seems to have focused far more on his fitness venture, as you said. So I've only been able to find like one or two videos of his singles matches and that might be all there is, unfortunately.

    3. Of the two it turned out that the WWE expressed more interest in Gill. I think Khan tried out too, but it was Gill they were really looking at. Anon.

    4. For me, Zaid is the more boyishly attractive one although Gill wasn't bad by any means. I didn't even know they tried out for WWE. Gill just seemed to fall off the face of the earth. One minute they were a tag team and then he just up and disappeared.

    5. I agree. Gill always seemed to me to have a bit more baby fat than Khan, and I didn't see any reason to prefer one over the other in regard to wrestling ability. I remember a notice somewhere celebrating Gill's invitation to try out. I think in Khan's Instagram he has a few pics from his own tryout.
      I don't know how it works, but from what I can see, WWE has regional tryouts, and invites people and also accepts walk-ons. Anon.

  2. Mmmm that's quite a bulging beefy arm ec3 has there

  3. When we were talking about good-looking tag teams and I brought up the Down Boyz (pic above), I think I forgot to mention "If Looks Could Kill," Gregory Glover and Brian Nelson. They started out really young and a bit scrawny, but beefed up pretty nicely.
    Well, after quite a few years, it seems that Nelson is retiring from wrestling, and his recent final match was against Glover. I just came across it yesterday:

    Glover appears to be continuing in wrestling. Anon.

  4. 1. Much prefer Justin Gabriel shaved. When smooth he exudes sexuality.
    2. EC3 has to be the most improved wrestler - both in the ring and as a character in all pr0-wrestling. He looks great. Performs well and is good on the mic.