Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Body Shots : Making An Entrance

Should a wrestler make his entrance into the arena wearing a shirt (or vest/jacket) or should he dispense with a cover-up and just be ready to wrestle?
Elliot Sexton

Michael Spencer

Maxwell Jacob Feinstein

Jaden Newman

Alexander Hammerstone

T.J. Perkins

Chris Tyler

Chris "The Shark" Andrews

Royce Isaacs
Dezmond Xavier

Eric Right


  1. Love the buffet, especially thankful for being motivated to check out some new or seldom seen talent. Seems that entrances get cluttered with props such as t-shirts, sunglasses, belts, even scarves, all of which impede a better view of the real focus of interest--the "bare bones" wrestler & his physique, as well as arms, chest, abs, crotch, etc. #3 Feinstein, e.g., has a fine groin area, but the overall foto is dead boring.#7 Chris Tyler's foto--well, enough said. I will still "look him up," in the interest of exploration. #4 Newman seems to have some object out of a XXX BDSM video in his crotch clamped onto some part of his hanging anatomy. Maybe we could discern better absent the sinister hoodie, but personally I very much doubt we could.

    1. Surely the "BDSM object" is very clearly the top part of a trophy?

  2. Normally I like them stripped for action and shoving those pecs at the camera, but I do find Eric Right's photo intriguing. But then again, I have a weakness for mustaches like that.

  3. It's entirely up to the wrestler. Sometimes the costume adds to the character and mystique. Look at the difference in Finn Balor with and without his amazing costume and paint. Cena would look ridiculous in any costume. It just depends.

  4. There's a certain eroticism to watching them take their clothes off that I appreciate.