Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Body Shots : Trunk Show

Classic black trunks or something flashier? When it comes to ring gear, these wrestlers prove that "less is more."
Charlie Garrett who now goes by Charlie Sterling

Dan Joseph (foreground)

Ashton Vuitton

Clutch Adams

Matt Vine

Chris Dickinson

Jay White

Jake Something

Chris Tyler

Tyson Dos Santos

Eddie Ryan

Mike D. Vecchio

Jake McCluskey 

Danger Paul

Royce Isaacs

Anthony Bowens and Flex


  1. Thanks for this post, it is both entertaining and informative.
    Explains why vids of Charlie Garrett have been few and far between lately, a quick search for Charlie Sterling results in this 3-way, and the opponents aren't bad either:
    Dan Joseph is looking better and better, giving up his oddly colored tights and getting a good haircut. He is spending a lot of time at this promotion, which regularly posts videos, there are a few other wrestlers worth checking out, including Briley Pierce/Ryan Nemeth:

    1. Garrett/Sterling's videos are on the Vimeo page for whatever promotion he's in. You have to pay to watch them.

      Agreed on Dan Joseph. I guess I had written him off before and wasn't paying attention to him but the video you linked to certainly made an impression.

    2. Earlier in another promotion, CWFH, Joseph even came to the ring dancing, and not well. Looked soooo stupid. I'm always amazed how a number of little things can "ruin" a good physique. Anon.

  2. just look at the big cock of chris dickinson........hmmmmmmmm

  3. What's the Charlie Sterling gimmick? He looks like a hot nerd. Very hot indeed!

    1. Enjoying it, as long as he doesn't start covering up like Seymour Snott did his nice physique. Anon.

    2. It's what happens when the geeky glasses come off, I'm waiting for. .... Sexy Son Of a ......

  4. Jake Something is my man!