Saturday, January 21, 2017

Putting Out Fire

You may know T.J. Perkins as a former independent wrestler who was on the roster of several noted promotions such as Ring Of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Consuelo Mundial de Lucha Libre, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Currently signed to WWE where he was the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Perkins has a history of wrestling under several personas/names. He has wrestled as Pinoy Boy, Cobra II, Havana Pitbull III, Manik, Puma, Suicide, Sydistiko, and TJP ever since he made his debut in 1998.

One of Perkins' more colorful characters was the one he played a few years ago in the wrestling-meets-burlesque-and-comedy revue Lucha VaVoom. There he wrestled as El Bombero (The Fireman), a high-flying luchador with a sexy firefighter gimmick. Thanks to blog reader Timmy for bringing this interesting piece of trivia to my attention.


  1. I'm on fire--come & smother me! TT

  2. This is a guy who has really grown into his looks ... I never noticed him when he was a younger worker but now ... wowza!