Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Go, Rammy, Go!

Early this month, I ran a series of posts featuring new-to-this-blog wrestlers from around the world. One of the beefcakes featured was Belgian wrestler Aaron Achilles Rammy. Here are more pics of Rammy from his social media accounts. Click here to watch him in a match which was uploaded to YouTube by Beaury Mathieu five days ago.

Kassar in 2015 (left) and Kassar today. Big improvement!


  1. One of the pleasures of reading BCoW is following up the signs which appear incidentally in some fotos. Try Googling BENSEBA, seen in one of today's (Tue) signs, and you'll see what I mean. TT

  2. I dunno... the 2015 version is certainly "do-able" as well as the current version.
    Bruno, Thanks for finding this guy for us, Ray

  3. Gotta say I have a love-hate relationship with Beaury Mathieu. He always films the hottest guys, but the camerawork is enough to slightly trigger my motion sickness. As always, thanks for posting!

  4. I completely disagree. He is hot now, but he was much hotter in 2015. That "old" photo of him in the red shorts is absolutely the hottest picture you posted of him.

  5. Here are a couple of matches from his early years, he was quite the class of the Belgian promotion BYWS, where he was just "Achille." It was always easy to find his latest matches by googling BYWS (they weren't consistent on spelling Achille, as you will see) Anon.: